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Horizon’s Physician e-Signature service facilitates online review and signature of homecare orders and related certification forms through a HIPAA-compliant, agency-branded web portal. Instead of spending money and time on multiple faxes, mailings, and office visits, with e-Signature all physician documents and communication are delivered and managed from your private, secure online portal “branded” with your agency’s name and logo. Agencies and physicians can administer all their home care activity through a single tool, reducing overhead costs by eliminating re-work, duplicates and lost orders. Never again reprint and resend because of misplaced documents or a missing signature date!

Features / Highlights

Streamlines activity for the home care agency Physician orders generated by Horizon’s PROMISE software include embedded “smart tags” in the signature and date locations of the CMS-485 and verbal/telephone order documents – effectively placing an electronic “sign-here” sticky that can’t be ignored.

  • Electronically send Plan of Care or Verbal/Telephone OrdersGetting orders back is so easy now with e-signature!
  • Automatically send reminders at preset number of days
  • Get instant notification when documents are signed
  • Easily see which orders are awaiting signature
  • Use for Face-to-Face certification or any documents you now manually send out for signature
  • Easily attach Addenda and supporting documents such as images, graphs, standing orders or agency policy statements
  • Returned, signed orders are easily stored as PDFs in your ClinicPro electronic chart.

Physician signing orders from desktop computerStrengthens your referral relationships The intuitive online portal helps physicians by significantly reducing paperwork and allowing them to sign orders from anywhere, including their iPhone, Android or any “smart” phone. Doctors who prefer electronic communication will refer to you more often (and those who resist it don’t have to use it – you can take your time convincing them of the benefits.) As a stepping stone, they can print, sign and fax to a toll-free number and a PDF of the fax will be available on your portal just as if the physician had signed online.

  • Intuitive online tool significantly reduces physician paperworkPhysician signing orders by mobile phone
  • For physicians, it’s free to use and as easy as email – they receive messages when documents are ready for their signature, with a secure link to take them to your agency “signing room” on the web portal
  • Allows signing orders from anywhere, including any internet-enabled “smart” phone
  • Doctors who prefer electronic communication will refer to you more often
  • Those without email can keep using paper – implement e-signing for just a few of your referral sources and expand as word of the benefits spreads
  • Provides a 3rd option of online print + manually sign/fax for a range of possible degrees of automation to fit any comfort level
  • Per the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, physicians must retain signed copies of their patients’ home care certifications for 7 years; managing this with electronic documents is significantly less burdensome than with paper
MD signing electronic home health orders on a laptop

Reduces overhead costs Average monthly cost for administering a patient’s certification paperwork is approximately $30; with electronic administration the cost is reduced to around $2. Cut expenses for supplies and materials and free up staff time wasted in the paper chase.

  • Save on paper, toner, postage, envelopes
  • Save TIME!
  • Eliminate reworking lost or undated documents – with electronic signature, it’s impossible for the signer to omit the date or the postal service to lose the package

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