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The Scheduling Module saves time and money by coordinating staffing activities with a simple yet powerful calendar and call center. Tightly integrated with PROMISE, the Scheduling system presents the employees and patients/clients from your existing database for easy placement on the calendar; a confirmed schedule flows seamlessly to billing and payroll reports – increasing accuracy, productivity and efficiency.

The Scheduling Console’s Outlook-like user interface provides intuitive and flexible workflow planning, letting you easily view by day, week, month; you can even display partial weeks or miscellaneous days with the Custom Days mini-calendar.

Scheduling Highlights

Each scheduler can create their own “working lists” of clients and staff and custom “filters” to show, for example, just aides who live in a certain ZIP code, or just patients admitted today – to easily find the people for whom they need to schedule activities. Enter single or recurring visits quickly and they are set for both patient and employee. Schedule the full authorization period in advance to prevent over- or under-utilization.

  • Create, view, modify schedules using a simple calendar screen
  • Manage visits, meetings, in-services, time offScheduling appointment editor with details
  • Custom View by week/month/single day/multiple selected days
  • Use colors to highlight discipline, type of visit
  • View by patient/employee
  • Total Hours at top of scheduling calendar helps eliminate overtime, spot under-utilization
  • See contact and location details for workers and clients directly in the scheduler
  • Get directions and maps with Google maps integration
  • Message log – monitor open issues & requests

Scheduling and Billing Working Together

The Scheduling module is fully integrated with PROMISE, so the pertinent info for your agency’s caseload and staff – such as names, addresses, phone numbers, disciplines, and payer sources – are readily available (and searchable) in Scheduling. Scheduled visits, if confirmed as made visits, become transactions in PROMISE and are processed for billing and reporting without manual entry of time sheets or visit logs.

  • Visual, Intuitive, Easy to UsewomanScheduler
  • Single entry for an appointment books both Client and Worker
  • Schedule for any discipline, any frequency
  • Full Integration – Verified schedule flows automatically to billing
  • Part of Horizon’s Total Solution



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