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Designed for optimal use on tablet PCs (also works on laptops), Horizon Healthware’s ClinicPro software provides easy to use, digitally-inked or typed home care and hospice assessments, visit notes, and other clinical data — on computerized versions of familiar charting forms.

ClinicPro looks like the paper forms that nurses, therapists, social workers, chaplains, etc. are accustomed to, so “buy-in” is fast and training is simple. One agency director reports having a new nurse staff member up and running with only a few minutes of general instruction on how to sign in and find the patient’s chart – after that, the documentation time savings was immediate.

Providers can move toward a totally paperless chart with ClinicPro’s digital attachment feature, displaying scanned copies of paper-captured visit notes, lab results, hospital discharge orders, insurance cards, wound images, and much more – organized neatly alongside the regular computerized charting forms.

ClinicPro has the option of fully-integrated OASIS analysis services of PPS Plus, enabling home health providers to increase coding accuracy and maximize reimbursement.


  • Short learning curve with familiar, easy to navigate charting forms
  • Attach wound images and other digital files to a visit note
  • Clinician-specific privileges for edit/sign/lock notes provides supervisory oversight when needed
  • Scan in paper-charted notes, lab results and other externally-produced documents to make them part of the electronic chart
  • When run on a tablet PC, use stylus to write on the charting forms

    Example ink recognition

What’s in ClinicPro

  • Skilled Nursing Assessment/note
  • PT/ST/OT/MSW Assessment/Visit Note
  • Aide Visit Note
  • Pain Management
  • Falls Risk Assessment
  • Progress Note
  • Missed Visit Note
  • Aide Supervision Note
  • Physician Contact Documentation
  • Inpatient Stay Note
  • Aide Care Plan
  • Case Conference
  • Chart Review
  • Multi-Disciplinary Care Planning

Specialized Agency Forms


  • Spiritual Assessment
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Bereavement Assessment/Note
  • Nursing death/discharge report
  • Patient Care Plan


Example form Hospice

Home Health for Medicare-Certified Providers

OT Eval page 4
  • OASIS assessments with only the CMS data
  • Comprehensive assessments including OASIS plus other data
  • Strict validation prevents locking/sending assessments with invalid or incomplete responses
  • Locked HIPPS code flows seamlessly to billing
  • OASIS data is formatted and transmitted to the government, also available for submission to benchmarking systems
  • HH-CAHPS data in format required by Deyta, DSS Research, OCS, Press-Gainey, and The Jackson Group (others as needed)
  • Optional integrated OASIS “scrub” by PPS Plus

Home Care / In-Home Aide / PCS

  • Case Management Assessment
  • NC DMA-3000 Physician Authorization for Certification and Treatment (PACT)
  • Aide task list/visit note/time sheet available to print on paper
  • Aide Visit Note for computer charting, pre-filled with tasks from the nurse-generated aide care plan
Case Management Visit

Behavioral Health

Comprehensive Psych Assess pg1 open navigator
  • Person-Centered Profile and Action Plan
  • Comprehensive Psychosocial Assessment
  • Service Note: Intensive In-Home Services

Clinical and Back Office Working TogetherSoftware connects home care clinicians with office financial team for seamless charting and billing

ClinicPro is fully integrated with PROMISE, our billing system, so information is entered once for basics such as name, demographics, diagnosis, and insurance info, then shared across all forms. Field staff has access to the complete medical record, including historical notes and careplans, for every patient – not just their own caseload. Visit activity and supplies can be logged in ClinicPro by the clinician; data passes through for back-office verification, billing, and financial/productivity reporting.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Use laptops/tablets in “detached” mode, connect to the office periodically and synchronize information when internet is available
  • If local coverage is good, use cellular cards in field devices so data is immediately stored to the main agency database in real time
  • Scan in notes of clinicians who document on paper to make them part of the electronic chart
  • Cloud-based operation if you want, deploy on your own server if you prefer
Nurse charting on laptop in the office PT in the home showing patient exercises on tablet Chaplain at patient bedside during home visit

ClinicPro summary: Powerful Flexible Easy-to-Use

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