Supply Inventory | Supply & Equipment Management Software


Fully interfaced with PROMISE, this module gives agencies tools for tracking medical supplies and equipment at every step. Through ordering, receipt, pickup by clinician, delivery to the home, and billing the patient’s account – the inventory module provides valuable information and control.

  • Establish reorder threshold for each item and the system will automatically alert when stock is low
  • Print purchase orders ready to present to supply vendor
  • Check out items to employees and know what is in each clinician’s personal supply stock at any time
  • Track availability and usage of supplies and equipment whether in the storeroom or an employee’s car
  • Distribution to patient removes items from employee stock and charges to patient account
  • Recent PPS changes made tracking non-routine supplies an important issue for Home Health providers; Horizon’s inventory module has been available all along and is now a more valuable tool than ever.

Supply Vendor System Interfaces

If your agency contracts with a supply vendor for full stocking and reorder service, they likely provide software to help track items as they are taken out for a specific patient. Horizon offers an optional interface module that can receive those patient/supply distributions as transactions that go straight to the billing function of PROMISE, saving the extra effort of typing in the supply transaction a second time. PROMISE users are already using this interface module in conjunction with GulfSouth and Neil Medical; we will interface with any cooperative vendor.

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