Financial | Payroll Integration and Data Sharing


The data collected by PROMISE and ClinicPro can do more than just generate accurate claims and useful statistics; that same information captured and used by the Horizon software holds value for the agency’s payroll and accounting purposes. Employee time worked and time off, revenue and collections by payer – all readily available with no double-entry!

All standard PROMISE reports can be created in export-ready formats such as CSV (Comma-separated values) and Excel, so with the base PROMISE system and no additional modules, you can “print” data to files. Depending on the capabilities of your general ledger or payroll system, you may be able to pull that data directly into the financial packages without duplicate entry and without licensing anything extra from us.

Custom File Export to CYMA, Lawson, and More

An optional Financial Interface module offers the capability of exporting PROMISE revenue, cash receipts, financial adjustments, and employee activity in user-definable custom formats. With this module and some one-time setup, you can define and create files in exactly the format required by your other system’s import/export specifications.

  • Financial and accounting integration streamlines data thorugh the organizationFeed your payroll system with the staff visits, overhead time, and mileage that PROMISE captured for billing and avoid duplicate keying of those activities for generating payroll.
  • Pass the month’s revenue and receipts directly from PROMISE to create general journal entries in your financial system, rather than keying those manually.
  • The flexible design of this module lets you define the data fields, order, and separator for the export file – handling the requirements of most financial and payroll systems.
  • If the 3rd party system’s file requirements can’t be matched with Horizon’s standard Financial Export module, we can create a custom interface direct from PROMISE to that system if possible. We will exchange data with any cooperative vendor.

Access to PROMISE Database via ODBC

For 3rd party systems interested in direct extraction of data rather than external file exchange, Horizon can share portions of the PROMISE database directly with universal data access interfaces. In several cases we’ve been able to create custom “stored procedures” to serve up exactly the data that other financial or clinical systems needed, providing totally seamless sharing of data collected by PROMISE. Horizon’s team will cooperate with any vendor of complementary services in our efforts to assure a total solution for our customers.

Associated Software Modules
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