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PROMISE is Horizon Healthware’s billing and financial reporting software; it provides complete automation of the billing and reporting process. Designed and maintained specifically for the business needs of in-home healthcare providers, the system is updated regularly as industry requirements change.

PROMISE is an acronym for “Provider Management Information Services” and can be used as a stand-alone solution or in a seamless integrated package with ClinicPro and/or Scheduling. When bundled with ClinicPro,  billing is as simple as verifying the direct-care time of clinical notes on a review screen; with Scheduling enabled, the biller’s review includes the ability to confirm scheduled visits as made visits and adjust the time as needed before releasing to billing. Alone or with options, PROMISE delivers powerful system features for streamlining the back-office:

  • Registration of patient/clients and tracking of referrals, admissions, discharges
  • Tracking of personnel information such as licenses and certifications due, immunizations, training, periodic reviews
  • Handles the unique needs and requirements of a home care business–PPS reporting and episodic billing for home health, 81As and bereavement followup for hospice, per-unit billing for PCS and Waiver programs, etc.Easily generate claims in CMS-1500 or UB04 format
  • Single capture of staff time feeds both billing and personnel reporting, with calculations to suit the purpose, such as hours for payroll and productivity, units of 15 minutes for reporting time on claims
  • Generation of claims for all payers, with charges itemized or summarized as required, including special reporting of time and/or visits and appropriate HCPCS procedure codes per each payer’s specification
  • Track pre-authorizations and easily monitor services allowed vs. delivered, reminders of recertifications and supervisory visits due
  • Agency-defined Quality Measures Checklist inserted in each new admission, with custom reporting to extract quality data for QAPI, Hospice Information Set and internal quality assurance programs
  • Physician’s certification printed as CMS-485 or generic plain paper orders
  • Reports for managing accounts receivable, visit totals, personnel time, cost of service, length of stay, profitability, lots more
  • State license survey statistics and benchmarking reports in seconds with one click
  • Over 80 standard reports, all exportable in many formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc.
  • Built-in report writer lets you create your own queries and reports
  • User-friendly screens and easy data lookup
  • Error checking and audit trails
  • Password protection and controlled access to functions by each user as defined by agency security
  • Seamless integration with other Horizon modules and 3rd party systems for a total solution

Expand with Other ModulesMedical Records the old way - are you still doing this?

As providers grow, Horizon offers the ability to seamlessly integrate new modules to build the exact system that meets the agency’s changing needs. Don’t pay for more than you need at first — expand your system as your business and your budget grow.

PROMISE Network Upgrade

Multi-user upgrade of the PROMISE system that allows simultaneous access to all system functions while assuring data integrity. One low upgrade price provides access for a block of 10 users. Access from anywhere, local or wide-area network.

PROMISE for Laptop Computers

Even without implementing point-of-care charting, visiting staff can input admission data and review plans of care in the home or car. Replace the hard-to-maintain and bulky on-call book by downloading the patient and care plan data from the main office to the laptop.

Electronic Billing and Eligibility Verification

Exchange HIPAA-compliant transactions with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurers.

  • ANSI 837 claims for both professional (CMS-1500) and institutional (UB04)
  • ANSI 270/271 eligibility verification, responses translated into readable English format
  • Fully integrated with PROMISE and ClinicPro so there’s no duplicate entry; patient, agency, physician, and visit data entered by office staff or clinicians in the field is entered once, then formatted into the appropriate HIPAA structure for transmission
  • Simple communication with intermediary’s system using our scripted connections or drag-drop using the receiver’s portal
  • Can also stand alone – For small agencies who want to file claims electronically but can’t justify a full-fledged billing and reporting system, we can provide a reliable alternative to hard-copy billing and the often problematic “free” intermediary systems

Electronic Remittance

Download, translate, and post ANSI 835 electronic payment files. Automatic posting of remittances to the agency’s accounts receivable saves hours and errors. Replaces paper EOBs by mail and the intermediary’s ERA translation/print software and goes an important step further – posts the payments into PROMISE against each patient’s or client’s accounts receivable.


Optional Scheduling Module expands productivity and efficiency with a simple yet powerful calendar and call center. Tightly integrated with PROMISE, the Scheduling system presents a fast search of employees and patients/clients for easy placement on the calendar; a confirmed schedule flows seamlessly to billing and reports for single-entry generation of claims, receivables, payroll, visit statistics, and productivity analysis.

Powerful + Flexible + Expandable + Affordable = Total Solution

Whether you are in one line of business or ten, a small PCS provider or a multi-officed Medicare-certified home health and hospice agency, Horizon will combine the right systems to meet your needs and your budget. Check our other links for information on point-of-care clinical documentation, staff scheduling, telephony, supply inventory management, interfaces with financial and payroll systems, and e-signing orders.

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