ClinicPro | Point of Care Clinical Software

Designed for optimal use on tablet PCs (also works on laptops), Horizon Healthware's ClinicPro software provides easy to use, digitally-inked or typed home care and hospice assessments, visit notes, and other clinical data -- on computerized versions of familiar charting...

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PROMISE | Billing & Back-office Software

PROMISE is Horizon Healthware's billing and financial reporting software; it provides complete automation of the billing and reporting process. Designed and maintained specifically for the business needs of in-home healthcare providers, the system is updated regularly as industry requirements change. PROMISE...

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Physician e-Signature | Web Portal

Horizon's Physician e-Signature service facilitates online review and signature of homecare orders and related certification forms through a HIPAA-compliant, agency-branded web portal. Instead of spending money and time on multiple faxes, mailings, and office visits, with e-Signature all physician documents...

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Scheduling | Visit – Activity – Message Manager Software

The Scheduling Module saves time and money by coordinating staffing activities with a simple yet powerful calendar and call center. Tightly integrated with PROMISE, the Scheduling system presents the employees and patients/clients from your existing database for easy placement on...

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Financial | Payroll Integration and Data Sharing

The data collected by PROMISE and ClinicPro can do more than just generate accurate claims and useful statistics; that same information captured and used by the Horizon software holds value for the agency's payroll and accounting purposes. Employee time worked and...

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Supply Inventory | Supply & Equipment Management Software

Fully interfaced with PROMISE, this module gives agencies tools for tracking medical supplies and equipment at every step. Through ordering, receipt, pickup by clinician, delivery to the home, and billing the patient's account...

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Using phones for remote data capture

Telephony & Telehealth | Data Capture Using Phones

In the delivery of home-based care, the word "telephony" is generally used to describe the use of telephones as a tool for capturing visit information. The typical scenario is that the healthcare employee dials a toll-free number upon arrival at...

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