Product Updates

Recently Released

  • OASIS C1-ICD9 2015 version of home health assessments
  • Revised transmission format for CMS requirement of OASIS using ASAP/CASPER
  • Collection and transmission of Hospice Item Set
  • Comprehensive integration with PPS Plus Software. (PPS Plus provides OASIS analysis software, coding, benchmarking and other services to over 1000 home health agencies.) All 3 levels of PPS analysis and “data scrubbing” are available seamlessly within ClinicPro.
  • Ability to capture digitally-inked signature with stylus and tablet at the point of care; patient/client or caregiver signature is on the visit note or approval form and becomes part of the electronic record for a truly paperless workflow
  • ICD-10 transition, supporting dual ICD9/10 coding with configurable switch-over date (in case of another delay or an overturn of the 2014 to 2015 delay!)
  • Hospice additional data reporting per CR8358 – includes injectible and non-injectible drugs, infusion pumps on claims, as well as reporting post-mortem visits as required by CMS
  • Enhancements to Scheduling module
  • Ability to include scanned documents, images, other external info in the ClinicPro chart view – no need for a paper chart for labs or other documentation that came in by fax or mail
  • Improved Plan of Care (485) handling with ability to lock/sign, track status changes
  • Expansion of clinical module with forms for Behavioral/Mental Health and Community Case Management
  • Web portal for online review and signature of Physician Orders
  • Enhancement of Medicare Electronic Claims ANSI 837 generation to handle direct transmission of Medicare Secondary (MSP) claims
  • Customized Careplanning with agency-defined problems, goals and inverventions
  • Alert of “face-to-face encounter” due for hospice patients
  • Export of HH-CAHPS data to Deyta, OCS, Press-Gainey, and The Jackson Group
  • Enhanced clinical/administrative/supervisor reviews for Visit Notes, Assessments, Case Conferences, Aide Care Plans. Search criteria allows user to search by a single patient or all patients, a single personnel number or all personnel, by status of the Forms (i.e. Open, Closed, Locked and Deleted), by type of form, or by OASIS Transmission Status.
  • Electronic claims filing and remittance processing compatibility with Cahaba Government Benefits Administrators, enabling support of Medicare providers in 16 more states.
  • Electronic claims filing to North Carolina MCOs capable of receiving ANSI 837
  • NC CAP MR/DD Cost Report, including creation of export text file as required for provider substantiation of report totals

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