June 6, 2014 — Horizon Healthware and PPS Plus Software Integrate to Empower Agencies with OASIS Accuracy

Billing and clinical software vendor Horizon Healthware announced today that its June release includes a two-stage integration and interface with PPS Plus Software, home health’s leading OASIS analysis software provider. The technology partnership and integration enables real-time OASIS analysis directly from within Horizon’s point of care clinical software, ClinicPro.

The integrated functionality is very straightforward: once an OASIS is closed or locked by the clinician, a PPS Plus Software icon appears beside the assessment in the list of notes and forms of the patient’s electronic ClinicPro chart. With a click of the icon, the user receives an analysis report within a few seconds. Agencies set user security privileges to control who can access the OASIS analysis, whether some or all clinicians or only a supervisor/coordinator.

“Horizon Healthware’s comprehensive suite of applications automate back-office and clinical field processes for providers of a variety of community-based services,” says CEO and founder, Regina Parham, “By adding PPS Plus Software as an option within ClinicPro, our home health clients will derive even more value from our applications by reducing errors and inconsistencies on the OASIS.”

As a step beyond the instant OASIS analysis report within an individual patient chart of Horizon’s ClinicPro, PPS Plus Software offers an installed version of their software for additional reporting. This service is also supported by a seamless interface that sends the agency’s episode visit counts and clinician data from Horizon’s ClinicPro to PPS Plus Software for more extensive analysis.

While OASIS errors hinder an agency from reaching its fullest reimbursement potential, OASIS Analysis Plus quickly analyzes complex OASIS documentation for coding errors, OASIS errors, clinical inconsistencies, while also pinpointing potential upcoding and downcoding of OASIS items. These error detections provide the unique opportunity for corrections to be made prior to submission to CMS, which in turn delivers agencies a more accurate reimbursement. This software empowers agencies with the proper tool to make an upward revenue shift, which makes it a worthwhile investment for those seeking an OASIS accuracy solution.

“PPS Plus Software is excited to be working with Horizon Healthware, as we share a common vision of providing great software and excellent service at an affordable price,” said CEO and founder, John Shinn. “This integration will undoubtedly make OASIS analysis easier and more comprehensive for Horizon’s clients.”

About Horizon Healthware, Inc.
Horizon Healthware is a trusted provider of software solutions for patient tracking, billing, clinical documentation, visit scheduling, supply inventory control, electronic claims filing, electronic remittance posting, financial and statistical reporting, e-signing of physician orders and more, with interfaces to telephony, accounting, payroll, benchmarking and other systems for seamless data management. Horizon’s unique a-la-carte pricing allows home care agencies of all types, sizes, and budgets to implement the modules that suit their needs, on their choice of a web-based or in-house operating platform, and to expand with other software components as their business grows. Horizon Healthware is an employee-owned company based in Raleigh, NC. For more information, visit Horizon’s website at www.HorizonHealthware.com.

About PPS Plus Software
Find OASIS errors and clinical inconsistencies quickly and easily with PPS Plus Software’s industry-leading OASIS analysis software, featuring thousands of alerts to help you achieve clinical and financial accuracy. PPS Plus Software also offers exceptional benchmarking services, clinical consulting, educational services as well as coding and OASIS review services.

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