July 7, 2006 — Release of Santrax Telephony Interface

Horizon clients can now use telephones to capture visit data for billing. In early July, Horizon Healthware’s PROMISE billing system successfully processed visit activity that was captured by Santrax, a telephony product offered by Sandata Technologies, Inc. Home care agency employees call a toll-free number when they arrive at the patient’s home to “clock in”, and call again as they leave to enter codes for their activities and “clock out”. The Santrax system stores this activity in a file that PROMISE imports as visit transactions, with all necessary data fields such as personnel number, patient number,visit code, and visit time having been captured by telephone. From there, the time and visit data is processed the same as if it were keyed in through the daily or calendar entry screens of PROMISE, with minutes/hours converted to units as appropriate for Medicaid billing. Visit our products page for more information on this and other cooperative efforts between Horizon and allied vendors bringing seamless “best of breed” solutions to mutual customers.