Horizon’s roots date back to 1984, when our founder began developing software as part of a home health consulting firm. The system that was to eventually become Horizon’s flagship PROMISE software was written for small-to-medium agencies, to be run by people who knew all about billing but nothing about computers. The software had to be low cost and easy to use, and the training and support had to be very patient and personal. As those first brave users helped design a way to automate their workflow, a lasting business philosophy was born.

Our company took its current shape as Horizon Healthware in May of 1992, when the computer division of the consulting firm incorporated as a separate entity. Over the years, our system capabilities have expanded to include the special requirements of providers of hospice, in-home aide services, private duty nursing, community waiver, homemaker/companion, outpatient behavioral health, group homes, residential treatment facilities for substance abuse/mental health and others.

As hardware technology has created possibilities such as point-of-care clinical documentation and electronic filing of claims, and as industry changes have mandated a whole new language of abbreviations and acronyms (OASIS, PPS, RAP, LUPA, SCIC, PACT, JCAHO, ORYX), Horizon has added software features and modules to extend those capabilities to our users.

At the foundation of each phase of growth has been the Horizon Healthware commitment to providing sensible software and excellent service at an affordable price.