Who We Are

“Horizon Healthware’s mission is to delight our customers and expand our customer base in the home care industry by providing quality software and outstanding service at a fair price, with a workforce of productive, cooperative, motivated, and happy team members.”
  • Committed to providers of home care servicesWe believe deeply in the concept of community-based care such as hospice, behavioral health, and home health — and are committed to supporting and assisting those who provide such services.
  • Horizon has a 20-plus year history of serving a variety of provider types in a growing number of states, partnering with agencies in Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.
  • Our systems support the business requirements for Hospice, certified Home Health, Personal Care, Community-based Waiver, Behavioral Health, Private Duty, Palliative Care, Mental Health/Substance Abuse, and other in-home services.
  • We answer to our customers and no one else; we’ve never received venture capital funding and have no parent organization to satisfy.
  • Everyone on Horizon’s technical support team has a computer science degree, so when users call for help, the person who answers the phone can usually solve the problem.
  • Our commitment to excellent customer service consistently yields 93% to 98% satisfaction, as indicated by users on follow-up surveys after each call or email for support.
  • Ask any of our clients about integrity and you’ll get a resounding and consistent answer: Horizon’s integrity is beyond reproach. We’ve earned the trust of longtime users and new clients alike by being fair and honest in all our dealings.